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  • Vegan Raspberry Breakfast Muffins

    Breakfast doesn’t always have to be filled with oatmeal, pancakes or smoothies. You can celebrate the morning glory with muffins too! In this recipe you’ll discover how to bake vegan breakfast muffins filled with…

    August 8, 2017
  • Vegan Cherry Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream

    There’s no question that summer and ice cream make a splendid combo. When cherries have ripened during the warm months, it’s the perfect time to make a flavorful and sweet cherry ice cream. Today…

    July 25, 2017
  • Easy 3-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Fudge

    If you don’t feel like baking, but you crave a simple and delicious treat, this creamy and rich vegan chocolate fudge is the way to go! It requires only 3 main ingredients and takes…

    July 5, 2017
  • Easy Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

    When the cookie craving comes, the easiest thing to do is making a big batch of vegan peanut butter cookies. They’re easy to make, super delicious and filling. And this recipe is a lot…

    May 29, 2017
  • Healthy Vegan Donuts With Chocolate Frosting

    A big bite of donut can really brighten up your day. It’s fluffy, sweet and covered with a rich glaze. But it’s unfortunate that the classical donut is made of white stuff (flour +…

    May 15, 2017