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  • Rosemary Hasselback Potatoes With Parsley Pesto

    There are many ways how to cook potatoes. But nothing can beat Hasselback potatoes. In this recipe you’ll discover how to make the crispiest and most flavourful rosemary Hasselback potatoes with tangy parsley and…

    September 27, 2017
  • Quick And Simple Vegan Cream Cheese

    When you’re looking for something delicious to spread on your morning toast, cream cheese seems like the perfect option. And why not make one yourself that’s vegan and good for you? Store bought options…

    May 22, 2017
  • Roasted Wax Beans With Arugula And Lemon

    Importing legumes in a vegan diet is crucial. Beans, peas, and lentils are all great sources of protein and fiber. Today’s recipe shows you a quick and easy way how to cook wax beans.…

    February 27, 2017
  • Easy Vegan Parmesan Cheese

    Today’s recipe is something that changed my stereotypes about vegan food and it might change yours as well. It’s homemade vegan Parmesan. You heard it right. This recipe is for everyone who finds hard…

    December 2, 2016
  • Purple Cabbage Steaks With Peanut Butter Sauce

    Purple cabbage is one of those mysterious vegetables. There aren’t a lot of creative ways how to cook it. But as this vegetable offers massive health benefits, I decided to find an easy way…

    October 9, 2016