20 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

vegan thanksgiving

Sadly, for vegans Thanksgiving dinner can be a pain. While others indulge their turkey, buttery potatoes, cream-filled pumpkin pies and everything else that’s on the table, plant-based fellas are usually left with just a few options. Salad, some fruit and if you’re lucky, someone decided to bake potatoes with olive oil, not butter.

But times are changing. Right now with more and more vegan recipes traveling around the internet globe, also plant-based eaters can experience Thanksgiving dinner to its fullest.

In this roundup, I’ve collected 20 of my favorite vegan Thanksgiving recipes that are perfect for your holiday table. Every single recipe has been successfully tested on non-vegans as well so even if you’re the only vegan in your family just like me, everyone will appreciate your plant-based meals. 🙂

But now, let’s head to the recipes!

1. Vegan Apple & Cranberry Pancakes

These pancakes are perfect for your Thanksgiving breakfast or even as a dessert letter in the evening (try serving them with some ice cream!). Apples and cranberries make a wonderful combination and give the pancakes a nice moist. Plus they’re easy to make and requires only 10 main ingredients.

vegan thanksgiving

2. Vegan Green Bean Casserole With Crispy Oven-Baked Onions

Let’s get to the classics! Green bean casserole is a very traditional Thanksgiving dish. Originally, it’s made from a canned mushroom soup, lots of cheese and oil-fried onions. But with some smart tweaks, I made this recipe totally vegan and much healthier than the original (without sacrificing the taste!). And those oven-baked onions…I guarantee you could eat them all alone and there will be none left for the casserole. 🙂

vegan thanksgiving

3. Vegan Pumpkin Bread

Let’s face it – Thanksgiving table wouldn’t be the same without any pumpkin dishes on it. How about something different than the traditional pumpkin pie? Try this vegan pumpkin bread instead! It’s filled with chocolate, topped with cranberries and tastes very delicious.

vegan thanksgiving

4. Beet Hummus

While all the delicious vegan Thanksgiving food is cooking, some snacks on the table are a nice thing to have. After all, you don’t want starving and irritated guests in your house! This beet hummus will be your king snack on the table. It doesn’t just taste great. Beets make this hummus in the most incredible color and it will freshen up your whole Thanksgiving table! Serve it with crackers or fresh veggies.

vegan thanksgiving

5. Rosemary Hasselback Potatoes With Parsley Pesto

Potatoes are another classical dish for your Thanksgiving table. Some roast them, some mash them or some boil them. But have you tried Hasselback potatoes? When I first did, it became my most favorite ways how to cook the potatoes! When you cook them the Hasselback way, they turn out very crispy, flavorful and they look gorgeous on the table.

vegan thanksgiving

6. Sweet Potato Brownies With Peanut Butter Swirl

Did you know that sweet potatoes make the most delicious and gluten-free brownies? This recipe has been tested for many times and it always surprises everyone when I uncover the ingredients. These sweet potato brownies are incredibly moist, rich, chocolatey and perfect for your Thanksgiving table.

vegan thanksgiving

7. Spaghetti With Mushrooms And Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Incredibly satisfying and creamy, this wholegrain spaghetti with mushrooms and vegan alfredo sauce can be one of your Thanksgiving main dishes. Feel free to substitute chanterelle mushrooms with white button mushrooms or any other mushrooms that you prefer.

vegan thanksgiving

8. Oven-Baked Falafel With Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce

Ohh. Falafel! It’s one of those foods that can be eaten on any holiday. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, falafel can be served as a snack or as a side dish. To spice things up, serve it with vegan cashew cheese sauce. Yum!

vegan thanksgiving

9. Vegan Potato Salad With Green Herb Dressing

Let’s get back to potatoes! This time – vegan potato salad. Traditionally (and non-vegan way), this recipe is loaded eggs and tons of mayonnaise. That takes some digestion! But how about a vegan and healthier version of potato salad? It’s filling, wholesome and drizzled with delicious green herb dressing.

vegan thanksgiving

10. Vegan Cream Cheese

I have to say that this vegan cream cheese is revolutionary. I served it at a vegan workshop where it got so much praise! It has a tangy and cheesy flavor that makes you eat the whole jar. And I’m serious. Serve this vegan cream cheese on your Thanksgiving table as a dip for veggies or bread. And if you love it, check out this vegan parmesan recipe too!

vegan thanksgiving

11. Roasted Wax Beans

Beans are another classical dish to serve on your Thanksgiving table. These roasted wax beans are incredibly easy to make. They’re infused with turmeric, lemon and topped with arugula that all together creates a wonderful dance of flavors.

vegan thanksgiving

12. Vegan Mac And Cheese

Who doesn’t like mac and cheese? This simple, yet delicious dish can be easily made vegan. The best part of this vegan mac and cheese recipe is the sauce. Usually, cheese-based vegan sauces are made from cashews, but for this recipe, I used something different. Try it and see how delicious it is! 🙂

vegan thanksgiving

13. Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin is perfect for making a satisfying soup. The key ingredient for making this soup extra creamy is coconut milk. Together with pumpkin, turmeric, and ginger, this soup is lightly spicy, warming, and will be the perfect dish for your Thanksgiving table.

vegan thanksgiving

14. Roasted Root Vegetables With Tahini Garlic Sauce

What can be a more autumn-y dish than roasted root vegetables? It has all the goods that autumn offers! This dish is a mix of carrots, beets and sweet potatoes. To top things off with something creamy, serve it with tahini garlic sauce. Extra delicious!

vegan thanksgiving

15. Crispy Kale Chips

What about a quick snack on your vegan Thanksgiving table that’s way more healthier than potato chips? These crispy homemade kale chips are nutritious and very delicious at the same time. Plus you can experiment with spices! Make them garlicky with some garlic powder or even top them with some nutritional yeast for extra cheesiness.

vegan thanksgiving

16. Vegan Apple Tart

If you’re keen on simple yet delicious desserts, then this is your Thanksgiving tart. It has three simple layers – a spongy base, date caramel layer and apple layer. For a sour touch add some berries like rowans or cranberries.

vegan thanksgiving

17. Purple Cabbage Steaks With Peanut Butter Sauce

Purple cabbage can be a tricky vegetable to cook. Have you ever thought of copping a whole cabbage into steaks, roasting and serving it with a creamy sauce? The end result looks fancy and with the combination of peanut butter sauce, these cabbage steaks taste amazing!

vegan thanksgiving

18. Sweet Potato Boats With Chickpeas & Cheesy Vegan Sauce

Back to sweet potatoes! Sweet potato boats are one of the simplest ways how to cook a sweet potato. In this recipe, I fill them with roasted chickpeas and serve them with another variation of cheesy vegan sauce. If you’re looking for a satisfying entrée for your Thanksgiving table, this is it!

vegan thanksgiving

19. Easy Caramelized Tofu

Tofu can be a tricky thing to face. It’s so easy to make it bald, tasteless and boring! However, when cooked right, it can be an excellent addition to your favorite vegan Thanksgiving dishes. In this recipe, you’ll discover how to make a quick and easy caramelized tofu. It’s flavorful and oh, so mouth-watering!

vegan thanksgiving

20. Spaghetti Squash Boats With Quinoa And Caramelized Onions

Spaghetti squash never goes out of fashion. When cooked, it separates into spaghetti-like strands which add a unique twist to your Thanksgiving table. Fill them with quinoa and add some caramelized onions on the side. Delicious!

vegan thanksgiving

So this was my roundup of 20 vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

For more insight and recipe ideas, check out the awesome vegan holiday recipe roundup by Laura from The First Mess and vegan Thanksgiving recipes by Heidi from 101 Cookbooks. Both of these girls have been a huge inspiration for me and hopefully will be for you too!

Happy holiday and let me know if you serve any of these dishes on your Thanksgiving table! 🙂

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